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Delivery Day.

You will be assigned a delivery day when you create your account. All your deliveries will be on the assigned delivery day. 

Deliveries will generally be between 11.00 am and 7:00pm. Simply leave your cooler box on the porch and the driver will drop off the items in the delivery box. You do not need to be home to accept the deliveries. Please note that if the delivery box is not there our driver cannot make the deliveries and the driver will generally leave a note. 

If delivery access is restricted, you need to make arrangements for us to be able to deliver your order to your door or some other location, including your work if it is on a delivery route.

How to place an Order.

      1. Login to your account

      2. Click Standing Order

      3.  Select categories. Clicking the plus sign will show the sub categories. 

      4.  Select a category or subcategory and it will display the items in that category.

      5.  Choose delivery frequency and qty for the items you want delivered. The delivery date will automatically be displayed.

Why a Delivery Box? 

Please keep a cooler box on the porch to accept the deliveris. It will keep the products fresh for 6 to 8 hours  and also protect it from animals. Plus you don't have to be home to accept the deliveries. You can leave it at the porch and our driver will place the items in the cooler box on your delivery day. Leaving the fermented foods outside for too long may affect the flavor. Because we care about the quality of the products you receive, your driver cannot leave a delivery if this box is not available for him to use. Without limitation, we are not liable for any loss or damage as a result of you failing to leave the cooler box . 

Please remember that you will still be assessed our nominal delivery fee if your driver attempts to deliver your order and the box is not available. 


We are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from late delivery or non-delivery and late delivery does not entitle you to cancel your order.  


All goods are offered for sale subject to available stock. If an item is out of stock, we may contact you to offer a substitute. If you do not accept a substitute item you will not be charged for the item that is out of stock, and if we charged your card, we will issue a credit to your account in the amount charged. If you order goods and some are not in stock, you agree that we may fill that part of your order for which stock is available.   

Change An Order

Once you submit an order, you cannot cancel it. But you may change or add items to the next order or any other upcoming deliveries. We cannot entertain any changes to orders which may fall within a week from your next scheduled delivery. All of your changes to orders must be received by 12:00 noon atleast one week prior to your scheduled delivery.  

It is your responsibility to ensure you place your order correctly and to update your schedule before deadline. If a delivery is made, but you do not want it, you will still be responsible for payment unless you make changes by 12:00 noon the day prior to your scheduled delivery day. You understand that you are signing up for a subscription service of recurring orders and you must take action to stop deliveries.  


Prices can change at any time without notice, but the prices for your order will lock in at your cut-off (12:00 noon the day before your delivery). If you do not notify us to stop deliveries, you accept our new pricing or pricing structure for future deliveries. If you do not notify us to stop deliveries, you accept our new pricing or pricing structure for future deliveries.

Delivery Charges 

As an Introductory offer we are giving free delivery to all our customers.

Repeat Delivery

You place the order once and the deliveries will automatically be made as per your schedule. You can create a standing order for weekly, biweekly or monthly delivery of each item. Unlike other food services, this is a cart you can completely customize before each delivery. You can schedule & skip deliveries at your convenience.

When will my order come ?

Your delivery day will be decided when you sign up for service. You do not need to be home or answer the door to accept deliveries. Our driver will place your orders every week in the cooler box that comes with the first order. You will have to place the cooler box with icepacks outside on the porch on the delivery day for the driver to make deliveries. The insulated cooler box keeps the quality of our products from the effects of heat and will also ensure that delivery is made to the right address. Extreme heat may affect the flavor of our products.  

What products are available through the Home Delivery Service?
We deliver Fresh , Easy to Cook and All Natural Indian Food Products. You'll be proud to serve your family our unique blend of products that are healthy and easy to serve The current menu of products, including pricing and product information, is shown on our Product Page.

What is a "Standing Order?"
A standing order is a repeat order with the items and the quantity and how often you would like to have it delivered to your home. You can choose Weekly, Bi weekly, Monthly or One time for each of the items you are ordering.

Can I add or change items in any of my Upcoming Deliveries?
Yes. If you want to add or change items for a particular date login to your account and go to Upcoming Deliveries and click Change Order. This will make changes only for the date you have chosen.

Can I add or change items to my Standing Order?
Yes. If you want to make changes to your standing order, login to account and then go to Standing order page to make changes to your standing order.
If you make changes to standing order, it will make changes to all your future deliveries.  Enter frequency, qty and first delivery date for the items you want to add to Standing order.
You may change your order, atleast a day before your scheduled delivery. All of your changes to orders must be received by 12:00 noon the day prior to your scheduled delivery.


Your invoice amount for each delivery will be posted on your account. We will automatically debit from your credit/debit card or checking account your invoice amount after each delivery.

You can pay using a Checking Account or Credit card. Our billing system will automatically withdraw the invoice amount from your preferred payment account along with any other outstanding balances the same day. We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Can I skip deliveries when I go on vacation?
Yes. If you do not wish to receive your scheduled delivery when you are on vacation - just let us know. To suspend an order go to your Upcoming Deliveries and skip the days you do not want the deliveries to be made at least one day in advance. Simply select the date and click Skip Delivery button from Upcoming Deliveries. As long as your deliveryman knows not to stop at your home, the delivery charges will be waived.

What is the Holiday Delivery Schedule?
There are only two days per year that we don't make deliveries...Thanksgiving and Christmas. Customers that would normally receive a delivery on either of these days should consider taking a larger delivery the week before these dates. Those customers will receive a notice from us if their normal delivery is to be affected. We do not make up these deliveries.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please Contact Us with your question by email.